Surface Water Source Heat Pumps
Code of Practice

SWSHP Ground Source Heat Pump

CIBSE, GSHPA and the HPA have published a code of practice for Surface Water Source Heat Pumps.

The Code of Practice, which has been produced by a steering committee with lead authorship from Nic Wincott and Jen Billings of the GSHPA, can be bought from CIBSE CP2.

Meanwhile, a short leaflet explaining how the Code can be used by building owners and developers can be downloaded by clicking the image on the right.

Installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps

To get the full benefit of a GSHP installation or a SWSHP you will need to employ someone with design and installation experience. A water source heat pump, like a ground source heat pump, may not perform well unless it is incorporated in a good design by someone who understands the needs of the building, the use to which the building is being put and the local geology.

To ensure a "soft landing" you should ensure that a ground source system is well understood and well maintained and this may include fine tuning the controls in the first years of operation.

For more information on installation of ground source heating from an experienced source please contact one of our members.

SWSHP Authors

Nic Wincott and Jen Billings, the principal authors of the Surface Water Heat Pump Code of practice, at the launch of CP2 at Kingston upon Thames on 20 April 2016.