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The GSHP Association is the focal point for business interests in the ground source heat pump industry.

The purpose of the Association is:

All members must sign up to the Code of Conduct. Members agree to abide by the GSHP Standards published by the GSHPA.

Members are promoted as the best choice for ground source heat services and it is hoped they will enjoy, not only a financial gain in joining, but co-operation with others involved in the implementation of solutions to global warming and resource depletion and help to raise installation standards across the ground source industry.

Members may benefit from a review of their business insurance needs from Premierline insurance brokers.

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The Benefits for GSHPA Members

The benefits for members include increased customer confidence resulting from

Promotion and publicity for your industry

Promotion and publicity for your company and an opportunity to increase sales through:

Keeping you up to date through,

Networking with the ground source industry in the UK and abroad.

Invitations to conferences, technical seminars and trade events, with discounted entry fees where applicable.

The Benefits to the GSHPA of New Members

The GSHPA becomes a stronger voice for lobbying for the industry with each new member who joins. We welcome everyone aiming for high standards who serves the ground source energy industry and wishes to prosper with it including consultants, suppliers, drillers, trainers as well as installers of ground source energy systems.

We welcome utility companies who supply the electricity that runs heat pumps – they have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy by supporting the high installation standards that the GSHPA promotes.

We welcome local authorities who have an opportunity to demonstrate their desire to see new construction projects incorporating green energy technologies.

Application to Join

Please follow the links below to understand what the GSHPA does, the criteria for membership, the Code of Conduct, and the Application Form itself.

GSHPA - aims - work - training - assistance

GSHPA Code of Conduct

Please fill in the Application Form and apply by sending it in to us at

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